California's Premier Producer of Artisan Tempeh

Small batch, handcrafted tempeh makes a difference and we wouldn’t serve any other one out there.
— Samovar Tea Lounge, San Francisco CA

We at Alive & Healing are proud to provide the highest quality tempeh for Sonoma County, the San Francisco Bay Area & the entire West Coast.

Alive & Healing Inc., located 10 minutes north of Santa Rosa, CA, is a mission-driven food company established in 2011 to produce the most sustainable, healthy, versatile and delicious whole-food, plant-based protein possible

We are committed to offering our clients 100% Certified Organic, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free Tempeh that remains unpasteurized to retain its natural, tender texture.

Alive & Healing Tempeh is used at premier restaurants, catering companies, cafes and delis of all sizes while being carried at health-food stores throughout the West Coast. 

Everyone who tries our tempeh dishes agrees that your tempeh is the best! I noticed a customer moving the tempeh pieces out of the dish to the side of their plate. I was concerned, ‘Did you not like the tempeh?’ They responded, ‘No, I love it. I’m saving it for dessert!’
— Gaia's Garden, Santa Rosa CA


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Organic Classic Soy Tempeh comes in an 8 oz. Retail size and a 16 oz. Foodservice pack. 

For more information about Tempeh for Foodservice, click HERE.

We look forward to coming out with new, unique tempeh products in the near future!!



Hungry to Eat Tempeh?

Alive & Healing Tempeh is sold in the frozen section at various health food stores and is featured at dozens of fantastic restaurants, cafes and delis of all types around the SF Bay Area and beyond.


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We will happily ship bulk packs of tempeh direct to anyone living in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, or Nevada. 

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Resources for Alive & Healing Tempeh


There are significant differences between Tofu and Tempeh.  Here are some of the biggest reasons why our tempeh sets a higher bar!


Many food lovers were never taught how to properly prepare tempeh for delicious high-protein meals.  Here is a quick guide to help!



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