We at Alive & Healing are proud to provide the highest quality tempeh for Sonoma County, the San Francisco Bay Area & the entire West Coast.

Alive & Healing Inc., located 10 minutes north of Santa Rosa, CA, is a mission-driven food company established in 2011 to produce the most sustainable, healthy, versatile and delicious whole-food, plant-based protein possible

We are committed to offering our clients 100% Certified Organic, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free Tempeh that remains unpasteurized to retain its natural, tender texture.

Alive & Healing Tempeh is used at premier restaurants, catering companies, cafes and delis of all sizes while being carried at health-food stores throughout the West Coast. 

Everyone who tries our tempeh dishes agrees that your tempeh is the best! I noticed a customer moving the tempeh pieces out of the dish to the side of their plate. I was concerned, ‘Did you not like the tempeh?’ They responded, ‘No, I love it. I’m saving it for dessert!’
— Gaia's Garden, Santa Rosa CA


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